The VCL creates a meeting place and networking opportunity for the many Flemish and other Dutch speaking people in the Greater London area. The VCL regularly organizes a diversity of professional, cultural, social, sports, family and leisure activities.

Since its creation, the VCL has built up a unique network of relationships with other organizations. In addition to fostering friendship between Flanders / Belgium and the United Kingdom, the VCL also tries to strengthen the relationship between Flemish / Belgian companies and the financial center of London (the City).

Important: the Vlaamse Club Londen is a politically, religiously and morally neutral organization. The VCL welcomes everyone who has an interest in the club's mission or in Flemish culture to its activities, some of which may be held in Dutch. So far we have welcomed many other nationalities and mother tongues, and they have added much joy to the events.

The committee

The current committee members are:

  • An Vanthuyne
  • Tille Verhaeghe
  • David Vermylen
  • Aurelie Wauters
  • Barbara Cassimon
  • Joris Eerdekens
  • Katrien Cottens
  • Christophe Wittouck

Our history

In 2001, seven Flemish people in London started a social club for the then more than five thousand Dutch speaking Belgians in London and the rest of the U.K. The Vlaamse Club Londen ("VCL") was born.

Two founders had been members of the Flemish club in Luxembourg, which provided inspiration. A visit to the Flemish Minister-President at the time, Patrick Dewael, provided the newly created VCL with the moral support of the Flemish government.

Over the years, some founding members have moved back to Belgium and have been replaced with others. 

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